omelet with fresh beans for sure!

The friedge was empty. We've just moved to a new house; chores, routine responsibilities, plus the hot summer...Dreaming of a Greek island was the only escape I could use while I had to hang the curtain of our vintage and madly orange tiled bath; but first I had to buy one, then find someone to open holes on the wall in order to place the curtain bar... Actually, because of our tensed, antsy and shattered attitude, the task appeared rather unbearable. The daily problems of western civilizations sound like fun to others...Well, the friedge was empty.

Hold on! Something green seemed to move in the last shelf of the friedge; green, fresh beans!
Pfffff, without tomatoes, what, how...? So much pain! I closed the friedge door in sorrow. I opened it again proving that I lie every time when I say I don't believe in miracles. There was a second element I didn't notice at the first place: 3 eggs! Hmmm, and there is also onion and garlic. Garlic is everywhere actually, even under my pillow. Asparagus, I now know how to survive without you...

I chopped the onion in small, equal pieces, you can add spring onion in larger pieces as well, smash as much garlic as you wish -I used 2 cloves- and I saute, with the same order I chopped them, in gorgeous Cretan olive oil. However, I cooked the beans in salty, boiling water for 50 seconds first and then put them in a bawl with cold water. This way, you boost the green colour of the beans and you allow them to stay stif and crunchy! I dried them and as soon as the onions and the garlic were ready, I send the beans to my pan. You can also add the garlic right after the beans, actually it is even better.

I whisked my 3 eggs, I added rock salt and black pepper, I whisked once more and I covered the content of my pan with the yellow gang. I lowered the heat, made sure that the eggs reached every inch of the pan, sprinkled some goat cheese on the top and cooked as long as my omlet wouldn't lose its humidity. Preserving humidity can be really crucial for the success of some dishes, as it is the safest way to reach all the cells of our palate and keep the taste alive. I served immediately without folding my precious omlet and I suggest you do the same. It is very pleasant to watch green beans in such a rare position.

To my surprise, my dear friend Boğaç told me that the people of Black Sea use to make omlet with the first string beans of the season. As they also use tomatoes, flour etc., it sounds quite different. It was a great luck to run out from tomatoes. As a Greek living in Turkey, I never had the chance to taste those beans out of the ordinary ambience. I had already the sweetness of the onion and the beauty of the garlic. Tomato would make the dish sounds blathering and apart from that, I believed in them without tomato's boosting; and beans didn't mislead me: the taste was original, fleshy and absolutely satisfying. The only issue is that this dish carries zero memories for me. Again, while I was trying to get to know it better, I suddenly felt as it was someone I used to know...


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