the literature of marmalade: cherries

Have you ever thought about it? Freedom can also be found in food. More particularly, freedom of a different kind of expression that affects the mood, surprises daily routine and adds passion to the restless palate. What we experience most through it, however, is us... A recall of ourselves that sometimes might challenge even the ego.

The cherries in my fridge became marmalade and it will last for a long time... As I cooked fruit, I got a new flavour with a new appearance and smooth dynamics. I put some of it in a small, transparent cup and watched it shining under the hot summer sun that violates my window every day: I remembered that natural deep red is a rare and extremely beautiful colour.

Remove the cores from the cherries, but try not to lose juice, so do it over the pot that you will use to make the marmalade. Smash softly the cherries with your hands; be careful not to make their flesh look like pulp. The feeling on your tongue will be smooth anyway. Make a thick bed of them in the pot and sprinkle sugar according to your will and the will of the cherries of course. Cover the pot and leave it in the fridge for the whole night. The next day put it on fire and cook at low heat for 30-40 minutes. I want my marmalade to be thick but not stubborn. Still, it's up to you.

Many recipes suggest lemon juice that is added just before we remove the pot from the heat, but I avoided it. Once, I made fig marmalade and the lemon juice created shadows on the flavour, so I said NO this time. I added, though, 2 drops of vanillia extract and its aroma stood more than enough... So, you can just go with cherries and sugar if yours is a daily quest. As soon as you remove the pot from the heat, transfer your marmalade into sterilized jars and keep them safe from heat and light. And probably you know that once we open a jar, we keep it in the fridge.

I tried it with fresh baked bread and feta cheese, on yogurt and french toast, with butter or in fresh, green salads... Even with pork or beef could it be really joyful for some queer palates....
No matter how you will use it, the truth is that if you can turn something into something else, equally precious and long lasting, you can do the same thing with yourselves. It will just take a few minutes to remove the cores from your life...


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