zucchini fries; the abstract of summer

If I try to count the times I found myself in a classic Greek tavern, I might really get tired. I can give you the picture of the usual suspescts around the table instead; mom, dad, brothers, uncles and aunts with their friends, an army of bored cousins, and short term friends; the kids of the table next to ours. And here is the protocol of the order:
- Irreplaceble Greek salad, known as country salad,
- Roasted bread slices with beautiful olive oil, thyme and salt (so that the salad juices can also be enjoyable),
- Quince style sliced potatoes fried in olive oil.
At that point, the adults of the table pause and look at each other's eyes in absolute silence before they start ordering again; "Two zucchini fries, fried aubergines, aubergine salad etc." As for me, I was literally living for those minutes, because the way the orders sounded to my ears made me feel as if I was in a trip of unknown destination.

As soon as I've become an adult myself, from a gastronomic aspect, I solved the mystery of pausing just before ordering zucchinies: Zucchini fries is the most trustable abstract that defines summer and when it is to be pronounced, we have to be confident. I'm pretty sure that if this dish participates to a beauty contest, it will definitely win the classical beauty crown, it would, however, never accept to pose naked for any magazine. For it is its taste that makes it so special, not the way it looks. 

There is no secret, only good ingredients. It's not that easy to find well brought up zucchinies, but if you do, go for it! Grate them, sqeeze them softly and let them wait in a colander after you sprinkle some salt first. For 1 kg of zucchinies, I use at least 400 gr of feta cheese. I don't use eggs anymore, I think that eggs are nothing more than gossip for this recipe, trust me. Remove from your list the baking soda as well, it ruins the casting. Dill, it is maybe the one that will get you the Oscar. I use more or less a fresh bunch of dill. Complete with grated dry onion and fresh black pepper, mix well and thicken your mixture with flour. You need not a dry and certainly not a watery result. In a hot pan with olive oil put carefully one table spoon from the mixture. And so on and so forth... Allow them to get fried well from its oily side and then turn it over with the same kindness. Put your zucchini balls (the actual name for this appetizer) in a plate that you have covered with paper towel, so it gives away the most of its oil. Escort with yogurt sauce with garlic or however you wish, and dive into it holding your zucchini ball. Can you tell me a better way to write the abstract of your summer? 


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