Instead of magiritsa, turkish wedding soup? Gallantly...

One of the most important food blogs of Greece, Tastefull, made a surprize to its readers and followers; Viki Koumantou, the creator of the blog, suggested düğün çorbası (turkish wedding soup) instead of magiritsa, the all-time classic and beloved dish of Greek Easter and gave some new thoughts for food to the lovers of her cuisine. To be honest, she replaced - in a very creative way - the traditional Easter soup with a turkish dish, that not only fits perfectly to the Greek taste, but also to the spirit of the holiday itself. The secret is that both recipes share lamb as the ingredient in leading role.

What really flushed ye iç sev was Viki's invitation to cook the wedding soup together at her friendly, high-spirited kitchen. The last time I visited friends and family in Athens, I had also in mind to ask Viki to meet for a coffee downtown. So, I sent her an e-mail explaing why I love her work and for that, I would like to know her in person. As we didn't meet before, Viki asked a friend to call her in the middle of our chat to rescue her if our blind date turned to be an awkard and weird one; this charming confession of Viki was the first step for both sides to begin sharing more ...Melina's cafe at Plaka hosted our conversation that lasted for hours and although it was really a cold day, I returned home with a deeply warm wind in my heart.

Well, since Viki made düğün çorbası, Ι will cook magiritsa for you, using the recipe of the greatest cook in my family, aunt Stamatina. It's hard to imagine how a soup could be so emotional. Then, I thought "Come on, it would be a crime to break the fast without serving a dreaming spaghetti with shrimps and two different dishes of mussel stew in the middle"; and just before magiritsa soup, the queen of Easter, shows up in all her jewelery in order to close the food marathon, we will dye our eggs red and spread touching smells in the neighborhood by baking Easter breads, the most promising taste of the holiday. This beautiful procedure is not necessarily a menu for the Easter. Whenever you want to turn a common day into an unrecorded celebration, Easter menu can still stand for your mood. After all, gastronomical traditions are not supposed to put strain on us, nor are celebrations to limit the chances of our mouths' palate. As for the last, Viki made it happen!

No matter how religious is the ambience of Easter holiday, what is litteraly celebrated is the resurrection of Nature and all this sweet excitement that is brought along. Trees, mountains, rivers, and all the living bodies are the ones that come to life in order to give life back. Indeed, the sound and the scent of this show-off rebirth is so powerfull that I often need to repeat to myself : "Save yourself from the louse and the spring evenings." (Nazim Hikmet)

                                          Scented holiday to everyone!


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